Excel Training for Your Team and You

Let’s boost your teams Excel skills!

Excel Training for Your Team and You.

You contact us, together we discuss the details, and we take care for the rest.

The facts

  • Book an Excel training for your team, department, company or for individual persons
  • Experienced trainer (founder of Professor-Excel.com)
  • Training length between 1 and 5 days
  • Knowledge level adapts to your previous knowledge
  • Located in Hamburg, but we offer trainings for all over Northern Europe

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    Average participant rating:
    4.5 / 5 Stars

    “The training was super efficient and I really enjoyed having Henrik as a tutor. He could answer all questions and had a very clear structure throughout the whole presentation.”

    “Henrik is a very professional trainer and he did a really good job!”

    “Thank you so much for the amazing and well rounded workshops! I think we all could learn a lot, fill gaps or acknowledge one’s own ignorance.
    P.S. The documentation by the way is excellent and I guess I should paint my walls with it for frequent penetration”

    The details

    Do you want to know more upfront? Read about all the details of our Excel training: